Today, I was able to finally order my Samsung 512 GB SSD drive. After the process of creating an account, entering my billing and shipping details and having my order confirmed and the charge approved, I received an email stating the order was cancelled. I tried to access the account I created and I am told my account has been suspended and received an email confirmation with the same information. I called my credit card company which confirms that the charge has been approved and they see no problem.

I called NewEgg. I hold for 10 minutes and during 20 minutes with customer service I am told that the "verification team" found an inconsistency with my account but they arent there over the weekend and she doesnt know what the problem is. How, I ask, can they cancel an order they have confirmed payment for when they are not there? She puts me on hold, tells me that it is a person who is working overtime and she will send her an email. However they may not get back to me before the weekend is over by which time they will probably refund the money. I asked the agent to call me back on my billing phone number if she has no response in 30 minutes, she agrees but she doesnt.

I ask myself, these geniuses in their effort to protect me, called my credit card company which approves the charge and deducts it from my account, yet they claim to find an inconsistency which leads them to suspend my account, but my card company that has more to lose doesnt suspend my account. I think this is a tactic used to cancel the shipment of high demand goods they have oversold. I cant see why I would waste time and money to deal with them again.

I bought 2 Versa ink nano from Newegg a week ago which cost me $106.00. The ink was old, dry and did not work. I asked them to replace the ink. They refused so they will not get any more of my business.

I ordered a replacement car charger over a month ago for my Garmin GPS. The info given online stated it was compatible with the Garmin Nuvi 760, which I have. When it came, it did not fit. I called and was given the runaround. They told theyd look into it and get the right one out but it never came. Ive called twice more, with no results. I still have no car charger!

They sold advertised products they never possessed and refused to replace the used unit one of their associates sent. Newegg will not do anything and keeps all the money but refuses to acknowledge their mistake or crime of selling what they never possessed.

Samsung Electronics, the manufacturer, refuses to honor their warranty to replace this used DOA unit with a new one and says get any help from their third party. I am a fully disabled 66 year old but they care not. Why hurt people who try to be loyal customers? How am I supposed to re-box and carry it to UPS when I cannot even walk?

I ordered a Westinghouse 32" TV. The day I set the TV up, it had a green line down the middle that even the cable guy couldnt get fixed. I called Westinghouse and they told me I should be able to get my money back from Newegg. Rottenegg told me since I had contacted them 36 days after I bought it and not 30 days, they wouldnt warranty it. Wow, Ill never buy anything from this place again. It makes you appreciate buying items from a story. These people dont realize how many customer they could get if their customer service was better. Now that I know how Rottenegg treats people, I will tell every single person I know and since I travel as a sales person, thats a hell of a lot of people, who will in turn tell more people and yes, maybe we can put them out of business.

I ordered a TV for my girlfriends birthday that was in stock. 3 days later, I was sent an email that my order was voided because the item was not in stock. Ive tried to remedy the problem with customer service but have been redirected from supervisor to supervisor. Ive spoken to several people but continue to be insulted with their offer to remedy the problem. Be very careful when ordering from Newegg. You may not get the product you ordered, but they will charge you! And for any hassles you have to deal with their offers to fix problems is rather insulting.

I ordered an item by mistake, cancelled within a minute and reordered the one I really needed. They still processed both orders, and both orders were shipped. Now I have to pay their restocking fees for the item that wasnt even open plus return shipping fees. Even worse is that my two emails to customer support were unanswered. I am their customer since 2003 and always had pleasant experience both with their service and customer support. Now, I will consider other alternatives.

Newegg voided my order a few minutes after they received it. I ordered the product from another company and called Newegg to make sure that the order had been voided and they confirmed that it was.

I received my credit card statement and there is a charge from Newegg for the order they have voided. There is no credit for it on my statement.